Company Meeting Day — First of Season 11

First Company Meeting of the new season, and boy are there things to talk about at this meeting! And I am so superdeduper excited because three new girls that we are quickly falling in love with will be joining our meetings! I don’t really have much to say except that I wanted to document my excitement at the first meeting of the new season. Its a nice milestone and follow up to our great season kick off event (photos/vido blog coming soon)! So much is changing at Teatro Luna— so many new hurdles (CCPA– more on that soon) and on and on that we haven’t been able to fully RE-LAUNCH as promised.

For a while it felt like a personal failure, and I went into my normal depressed bordering on self-abusive place where I blame myself for everything. But I snapped myself out of it and thought about all the amazing things we have accomplished this month. And with our grace intact.

Although it is crazy disheartening in so many ways because our #1 goal this year is  to rebuild our audience’s trust that we can follow through and stick to our commitments. We haven’t gotten it right yet, but we are setting ourselves up for it all season– I can’t cry that I didn’t make the deadlines. I just have to make sure I meet the next ones…. But we are closer than ever, and with the renewed energy of our Old G’s and the new energy of the new ones, we are on the precipice of success. GOOOOD I CAN TASTE IT! But admittedly (and enthusiastically said) we have another week or so of hard HARD HARD HARD work to catch up on where we fell behind in the past month in part due to all the events and workshops that The North South Plays required.

But it’s ok, because we just have to get back on the horse (why am i using that phrase?) and do it. And Ain’t Nobody Gonna Rain on my parade (yeah, mmhm I said it) because our shared vision becomes clearer, and crisper, and more real everyday.

Ohhh Luna Fans I am so excited to hear your thoughts and responses about the next few announcements we make in the next few days/weeks.

So stick with us. And be ready for the fall of LUNA.
PS: my grandmother who is staying with me for the month shared with me a great quote: “Integrity is the essence of everything successful”



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