Teatro Luna is an itinerant Theatre Company. As such our performances are produced at various venues around Chicago ( and the country! ). IN November of 2010 we moved out of our administrative headquarters at St. Lukes of Logan Square, and are currently in the process of moving into our new offices — September 2011.

Until then, correspondence, donation, presents ( we wish ), and fan mail can be sent to: 4600 N Clarendon Ave #1304 Chicago IL 60640
Or call us at: 312.237.0878

Email is the fastest way to get in touch with any of us…
For general inquiries email: info AT teatroluna DOT org
For touring inquiries:


Executive Director:
Alexandra Meda, alexmeda(AT)teatroluna(DOT)org

Director of Artistic Development:
Miranda Gonzalez, mirandagonzalez(AT)teatroluna(DOT)org

Literary Director:
Dr. Liza Ann Acosta, lizaannacosta(AT)teatroluna(DOT)org

You can also communicate with us via Facebook, Twitter, And YouTube– links on sidebar.

Gracias, and we look forward too hearing from you soon!


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