Mission And Vision


teatro luna MISSION STATEMENT: El Teatro Luna is Chicago’s first and only all-Latina theatre, organized for the purpose of exploring the varied experiences and cultures of Latina/Hispana women; showcasing the creative talents of Latina, Hispana, and/or Pan-Latina artists; and providing a form for artistic, social, political, and educational outreach into our communities.  We are dedicated to expanding the range of opportunities for Latina/Hispana artists on Chicago stages and beyond.

teatro luna STRATEGIC VISION 2011 – 2013: Teatro Luna will be the premier Pan-Latina and Hispana theatre and among the top  recognized theatres in Chicago.  Teatro Luna will be known for artistic excellence, for being essential to advancing new work and new artists, for the representation of people of color, as well as for its contribution to the theatrical canon.

teatro luna CORE VALUES:

COMMUNITY:  embrace differences and identify common ground through collaboration, creation, and dissemination of Teatro Luna’s artistic, educational, and social work. Teatro Luna seeks to create community both within the organization and within the communities it resides/works. It also seeks to expand the national community of professional Latina Artists through providing a home base artistic community in Chicago.
DEDICATION maintain a commitment to and passion for the mission of Teatro Luna, the American Theatre, the development of stories, the development of Latina talent, portrayal of real life, and fostering a connection with a diverse audience
EXCELLENCE:  create relevant art of the highest quality that inspires, gives voice to a broad range of women, and advances the conversation about Latino identity, gender roles, and social injustices that affect our diaspora. Be a leader in the International Latino & Women’s Theatre movement and its related social justice issues.
INTEGRITY:  provide a safe, accessible space that cultivates individual expression and nurtures mutual trust and openness.

OPPORTUNITY: provide a welcoming and supportive environment for emerging and established artists that encourages learning and risk-taking in art related to theatre and performance; provide an inspiring, welcoming, and dynamic environment for new and returning audiences that exposes them to theatre and performance

:: Strategic Visions for current Strategic Issues addressed in the Strategic Plan::

Teatro Luna produces cutting-edge, relevant theatre that inspires a broad audience, receives critical acclaim, expands the theatrical canon, and has the respect of the academic community.

Teatro Luna’s programs increase visibility and provide opportunities in training, education, and the creation of all aspects of theatre and performance art.

Teatro Luna is financially sustainable with sound financial practices that allow the artistic vision to be realized.

Teatro Luna’s leadership, management, and governance practices are transparent, capable, and accountable.


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