Fake It Til You Make It

FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT… We’ve all heard that phrase before, especially us actors out there. I’ve never felt so tied to that phrase before though, until very recently.  As Chicago actors, we can become limited in our acting opportunities here. As a Chicago Latina actor, we are even more limited — which is why you may understand why I go through with the ”opportunities” I’ve been having lately in the Chicago commercial acting scene (trust me that wasn’t a run on sentence).

Re-emergence: finding balance between motherhood and profession

By Suzette Mayobre
First we have the Resurrection, and now I’m dealing with the “Re-emergence.”  I am just starting to re-emerge from a somewhat hibernating state…one that doesn’t actually involve any sleep!  You see, in January, I became the very proud mom of the most wonderful baby boy (yes, I know every parent thinks their child is the best, and now I can be counted amongst the lot)!Having a baby in January in the dead of winter proved to be more difficult than I thought.  First came the realization that I really would NEVER truly sleep again (this coming from someone who valued sleep like you wouldn’t believe!). Then, the fact that my boobs, yes, my boobs, were now lean, mean feeding machines. And lastly, that I would be staring at the same four walls in my apartment, a slave to the bitter cold outside, for what seemed like an eternity!  Theater!?! Yeah…no time for that!

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