Company Meeting Day — First of Season 11

First Company Meeting of the new season, and boy are there things to talk about at this meeting! And I am so superdeduper excited because three new girls that we are quickly falling in love with will be joining our meetings! I don’t really have much to say except that I wanted to document my excitement at the first meeting of the new season. Its a nice milestone and follow up to our great season kick off event (photos/vido blog coming soon)! So much is changing at Teatro Luna— so many new hurdles (CCPA– more on that soon) and on and on that we haven’t been able to fully RE-LAUNCH as promised.

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Why two is better than one

By Alex Meda
My head is still SPINNING from the packed weekend of programming and workshops!  I am in constant awe of the women around me because when I think about it, it shouldn’t be humanly possible to successfully execute the workload they have on their plates in their lives both professional, TL, and personal! But somehow they get it DONE! Which means, somehow, WE as a company are getting it down– step by step.I have not yet been able to achieve anything akin to balance— or even been successful at structured chaos. — one day, one day (a girl can dream right?)… Anyway, we will talk a lot about time management in this series– and I’ll be sharing some great resources I have recently discovered– but that’s for another week. Today its about how essential the notion of collaboration is to the fabric of who we are as an organization.

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Have a little Faith…

New Blog Series: THE RESURRECTION PERIOD by Alex Meda

This is the first blog in a new series I am going to tackle each week. Part verbal therapy, part instructional, part experimental. Through it, I hope to share with you some of the more intimate details of Teatro Luna’s current journey of rejuvenation and change.  We have finally come to the  stage of our journey we are now somewhat jokingly referring to as: The Resurrection. That is what gave me the courage and inspiration to start this blog series. Of course I want to share with you the practical tools we are using to navigate these sometimes turbulent waters, but more importantly, I want to share with you the how and why we are bothering to navigate said waters to begin with. Continue reading